Friday, November 14, 2008

Health / Left Hip Problem?

I recently spoke with my cousin who was having problem with her left hip, and I advised her what worked for me --

Keep both feet firmly on the ground when entering your car (on the driver's side). Lifting your right leg to enter the vehicle (as you have done all your life) shifts your entire weight onto your left leg and hip, which as you get older becomes weaker and can't handle the strain. Therefore, get into your vehicle rear-end first and make sure all your weight is on the seat before lifting either foot off the ground.

Likewise when exiting on the driver's side think about how you are going to put the bulk of your weight onto your right foot first. That's right, swivel around and get both feet on the ground before shifting your weight onto either of them.

A wallet in your left rear pocket can also put pressure on your hip joint. Remove and place it in a door compartment or shift it upwards in your pocket so you're not sitting on it.

Previously I had shooting pain in my left hip joint, and was having difficulty walking, but since I started doing this religiously it's gone away and I've had no problems.

If you're having pain in your right hip, and mainly enter and exit your vehicle on the passenger side, then reverse the above directions.

Be of good cheer. Life is a series of adaptations to changing conditions, which ends once you stop being able to adapt.

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