Saturday, November 04, 2006

Important Links for Frank Wells Sudia

Major Web Resources for Frank W. Sudia

Frank Sudia Website
Frank Sudia Weblog -- "Over the Horizon"
Frank Sudia Linked-In Webpage

Web-Accessible Honors and Awards

Lifeboat Foundation Advisory Board / Frank Sudia
Kurzweil AI Big Thinkers List / Frank Sudia

Major Publications

Artificial Intelligence / Futures Studies

Frank Sudia, A Jurisprudence of Artilects: Blueprint for a Synthetic Citizen
Pre-print on Kurzweil AI, August 2001
v1.0 Journal of Futures Studies, November 2001, Tamkang University, Taipei
v1.1 Law Update, August 2004, Al Tamimi & Co, Dubai
v1.2 Special Report March 2007 on Lifeboat Foundation

Frank Sudia, Gone But Not Forgotten: Existential Risk and the Corpus Humana: The Case for Offsite Backup (March 2006)
Friendly AI: What is it, and how can we foster it? (June 2009)

How to Go for a Walk -- A guide to creative thinking, September 6, 2006

Patent Licensing

Frank Sudia, An Overview of Structured Licensing Les Nouvelles, December 2001

Information Security

Frank Sudia, Data Content Monitoring for Security, Integrity, and Availability, September 2002
Frank Sudia, Blocked Hash-Tree Status and Entitlement System, September 2000
Rich Ankney and Frank Sudia, Enhanced Management Controls Using Attribute Certificates, ANSI X9.45, 1999
Frank Sudia and Rich Ankney, Commercialization of Digital Signatures, ANSI X9 working paper, February 1994


Frank Sudia Patents Page


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