Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Topic / Spiritual MapQuesting into the Past

And now for something completely different. I just tried this and it was worthwhile (for me, anyway).

Make (or dig up) a list of your prior home addresses while growing up, in college, first job, etc. and then go onto MapQuest, or the online mapping service of your choice, print out maps of your old neighborhoods, and study them.

This can bring back memories of walking around those places, in some cases when you were too young to have ever seen a map of them. To recall those old street names that were the boundaries of your little world. To see things that were nearby and you never knew it. And what's become of the place now, new roads that have been built, etc.

If you did very little walking, or don't want to revisit your past, maybe you won't care. But I thought I would throw this out, as a type of spiritual exercise that didn't used to be this easy, costs (virtually) nothing, and gives a nice result.


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