Sunday, July 09, 2006

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R-rated (sci-fi) comedy. Adam Sandler, a hardworking schmoe (married to a hot Kate Beckensdale with two young kids) puts in long hours at the office to advance his career. Then he receives a highly unusual artifact, a "universal remote control" that can mute, fast forward, or replay any aspect of his life, and much more.

At first this might look like a recipe for forgettable summer slapstick, and indeed the film is laden with slapstick, bathroom humor, bad language, sex scenes, crude behavior, and humping dogs. However the device's power is so great that it moves him to and from many decisive moments in his life, generating an emotionally profound experience! In particular it "learns" (against his later will) to fast-forward him through many years of his life, generating career success at the expense of everything else. From time to time he wakes up and asks, holy cow, what happened during the last X years? This can potentially change your view of life.

A well-earned 5-star rating. Along with its schmoe hero, hot wife, and spiritual depth, the film delivers cutting-edge visual production, as when he and Morty (the angel, well played by Christopher Walken) periodically enter the twilight zone of the device's "menu mode." And towards the end, the scenes of the future (2021) are as elaborately realized as any sci-fi movie.


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