Sunday, February 12, 2006

Movie / Serenity

Wow! This film earns its 5-star rating. It's got everything -- a brain damaged psychic 17 year old girl with super human combat skills, whose brother is young Dr Kildaire, a Millennium Falcon space ship piloted by a Han Solo lookalike with a crew of Vogue models and and Marlboro men, an evil big brother empire that wants to program everyone into subservient mush, a race of hideous outcasts that devour their victims, a super smooth hit man sent by the empire, a computer hacker with a cute robotic girlfriend, a deep dark secret, and so on. Combines the best elements of The Matrix, Blade Runner, Star Wars, and Alien. No sex but tons of violence, definitely not for younger kids.

Originally posted 10-25-2005.


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