Sunday, August 19, 2012

My Letter to Vladimir Putin

August 20, 2012
Vladimir Putin
President of Russia
23, Ilyinka Street,
Moscow, 103132, RUSSIA
Re: Pussy Riot Case
Dear President Putin,

According to your website for sending an internet email, “Applicable legislation prohibits any intervention in administration of justice.” Presumably that is for cases that are closed.

Yet it is obvious that this case of a young rock band imprisoned for “hooliganism” over a political protest song would never have gone to trial if Russian prosecutors had not brought the indictments and carried forward the proceedings on behalf of the Russian Government.

If anything can be discerned about you, even from afar, it is that you are extremely smart, both in molding the law and politics of Russia, and in many other ways as well.

Yet by allowing this case to proceed on such flimsy grounds, it appears that you lack confidence in the truth of your policies. If you believe in yourself, then why this attack of paranoia over what some young people think of you? It makes you look weak.

There are many actions your Presidential Office could take to remedy this resulting PR problem –

•    Request a new law providing that non-violent political protests are not illegal, or if you already have one, insist that it be enforced, or
•    Request the modification of sentencing guidelines to reflect that any sentences for non-violent political protest will be minimal, and any existing sentences will be commuted, or
•    Issue a presidential pardon for persons wrongly imprisoned for non-violent protest songs, and
•    Direct the police and prosecutors not to arrest or prosecute people for non-violent protests.

Russian Society, like all societies, will self-assemble and reinvent itself into highly productive and creative forms if conditions of justice and legal integrity are held constant. But if the powerful few bias the system in favor of themselves, the steady conditions needed for self-assembly will be disrupted. (per G.P. Gladyshev, Russian physical chemist)

A Society that is just, and everyone knows is more-or-less just, will call forth the creative energy of its people to rise to new levels of greatness, whereas in one that is basically unfair, why should anyone bother to create anything, if their work will just be stolen? The job of the king is to curtail the greed of the nobility and magnates, and rule on behalf of all people, not to join forces with the powerful in looting the economy.

I trust you will perceive that your greatness will be vastly more enhanced by creating and sustaining a fair system that makes people want to dream big, rather than one that tells them they are nothing.


Frank W. Sudia [судья]
Attorney at Law
1718 M Street, NW #299
Washington, DC 20036 USA